Blue’s Valentine


Evidently possession of two X chromosomes made the human female treacherously susceptible to the smoldering charms of Michael Brandon a.k.a. The Golden One, quarterback for the High School football team.
Though Michael’s officially He Who Can Do No Wrong there’s no denying he is high maintenance. Starting with ex-girlfriend Rachel Turnbull who’s rumored to still love him despite going through a near death experience on his account.
His secret crush Madison Graham was stalked by a suspected rapist.
Head Cheerleader Drew Carpenter’s undergone plastic surgery and, one can never discount his fanatic fan following.
Blue Avery is different. An epic kiss will not change her world view neither make her fall headlong in love nor get her climbing trees to deliver a valentine.
But if it does then all bets are off-
Nothing can stand in her way- not even Super Bowl!

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