Dr. Jack’s Christmas


Dr. Jack Humphreys learnt the meaning of the word virago from Macy Hunter when fourteen years old.
In an effort to impress her elder sister Stacy, Jack lofted a baseball that hit seven year old Macy.
Since then it’s as if they have somehow connected.

Macy is coming back on the same flight as Jack to attend Stacy’s wedding to Frank Gervase. Their reunion is as feisty as ever. Hostilities are resumed from the get go.
Jack can overlook an erotic display of creamy skin and navel. Then there is Dr. Kerri Olsen, Jack’s gorgeous colleague, willing to help him forget any vixen that walks the perimeter of his consciousness.
Prudent, rational and logical Jack is not looking to get embroiled in the Hunter family affairs no matter what the festive holiday spirit dictates. Especially when Macy has what Jack diagnoses a contagious affliction?

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