Games Dukes Play


We last met Drake and Mercedes the Duke and Duchess of Hastings and Vane and Maddie the Duke and Duchess of Rawlings in Duke Versus Duke. Eminent spymaster Lord Trace Cunningham, Vane’s cousin too could not escape Cupid’s arrow and pledged his troth to Lady Charlotte daughter of Lord Hamilton the newspaper magnate.
Now their children have grown.

Bella, Vane’s daughter betrothed to Luke, viscount Hastings before she was born takes London by storm with her candid observations assuming the nom de plume Lady Solace Busybody. Lady Charlene a.k.a Charlie, Trace’s daughter has unleashed a storm of another kind in the ton with brash young rakes vying for the hand of the beautiful heiress in marriage.

While man proposes God disposes.
Bella is kidnapped from the Hamilton home in a case of mistaken identity by Sir Sidney who has his eye on Charlie’s dower. Dane Hamilton, Lord Paul’s grandson rides to her rescue. In an unforeseen turn of events Dane is married to Bella.
Her brother Matt, viscount Cunningham seeking vengeance sets off in pursuit of Sir Sidney. Matt never expects to entangle with a gun toting ornithologist Lady Laura Belington, who begins meddling in Matt’s well laid plans.
Meanwhile Charlie infuriated with Luke for supposedly abandoning Bella at the altar is fighting an insidious attraction threatening to undermine her defenses. But could it be she is mistaken about Luke’s culpability?

Dane, Luke and Matt have the time of their lives in this lighthearted caper teaching three unconventional ladies how to follow their heart… when it comes to love

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