Treat your friend as if he will one day be your enemy…
Angara Rai and Kit Mason were once friends and she can vouch for this saying going by her personal experience.
Unfortunately for Angara, like Michael Corleone from the Godfather, Kit believes in keeping friends close and his enemies… closer.

We met Kit in Dr. Jack’s Christmas as the brother-in-law from Hell.
Kit’s story is challenging and provocative as the charismatic billionaire himself.
In this stirring duel of heart will the Indian buckle to unsated desire or will the cowboy surrender to love?

“Let me go. I am not afraid of a public showdown.”
Her hostility provoked the oddest reaction. A corner of his mouth, she then realized she had been watching for, tilted.
“Ang darling at least think of Jai.”

Her gaze shot up to his alarmed. Implacable, cold steel eyes mirrored her anxious reflection. His thin lips seemed cruel in their sculpted perfection.
Slowly his face descended coming closer to hers in slow motion.
She leaned away smelling alcohol on his breath.
“Lady first rule of bandying threats- stay within your own league.”

Kit straightened scanning the terrace where the refreshments were laid out and people who had been openly staring in their direction hastily looked away.
“This place is like a glass cage. We are leaving now.”

“Ang darling surely you are not leaving,” Alex was at his charming best and she almost sighed with relief.
Alex had found her. Alex would not let Kit take her away.
“Actually she is. Appealing place you have got here Alex and thanks for the invite. Would have liked to stay but there are places to go, old friends to meet, so many things to talk about, eh Ang?”
Philip had held Stacey thus with his arm protective about her shoulders. Kit pulled Angara to him his fingers digging under the crook of her shoulder accidentally brushing her thin silk clad breast and she gasped.

Short of screaming bloody murder or calling the police Alex could not do much. A bodyguard pressed the button for the elevator while they waited. Angara was shocked. Even in this day and age a man could literally abduct a woman.

“What could we possibly have to talk about?”
The elevator doors opened. Kit motioned for her to precede him inside.
He held out a palm. “Give me your keys. Josh will drive your car to your house and wait for us there.”
“Does Josh know where I live?” Angara asked with arch sweetness.
“No but I do.”

She handed him the keys dropping them on his palm so their hands would not touch. It was a childish gesture but every small touch was building incrementally over the last. This time she would protect herself. He was not coming within touching distance if she could help avoid it.

She sat sedately in the car tucking the dress about her legs so she was decent.
He lounged legs stretched ahead, crossed at the ankles. There was quite a natty display of black sock and gleaming black shoes.

“What were you saying about Jai?” They might as well talk she decided. Silence felt too intimate.
“I am the private investor acquiring your brother’s company.”
It took her time to absorb the information.
“Why are you doing it?” She needed to know.
“I have my foolish sentimental reasons?”
What was clearly implied was there was nothing foolish or vulnerable about the man who had hijacked her from Alex’s party. She was being warned not to search for any weakness because there was not any.
She clenched her fists tight so she would not be provoked into hitting him.

“No comments Ang darling? Everyone tells me how spectacular you are with words.”
She glared at him letting the violence show in her eyes.
“Oh angry are we? Of course if someone was to upset your brother’s little applecart because of anger management issues that would be terrible, wouldn’t it?”

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