Rachel: Rockstar Super Romance


Rachel’s in town though she swore never to return.
It helps that Michael Brandon, quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, has firmly got her back and is a one hundred percent committed to help her discard past baggage.
Then why is Rachel suddenly hankering for Rock Star Luke Brandon’s attention when he apparently does not even want to remember her?
What happens if you are The Rock and beloved of millions of fans across the globe? Living with a three ring media circus can you protect the woman you love from public scrutiny? And how do you deal with the hurt when the person you love rejects your heart?
Controlled as she is, by fear and guilt, Rachel has no business kissing Luke.
Besides why is Luke inciting her to rediscover herself? Will it really help to come to terms with her past and move ahead victor and not victim of circumstances?
Will Rachel destroy Luke or learn that love conquers all and never, ever quits.

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