The Kidnapping


Can Beauty in our world – much different from a fairy tale – change a Beast’s heart?A youthful idealist Maithili Deshmukh is inspired by a book. She gets mixed up in the kidnapping of Virata Rai.

Heir to the Rai billions, Virata is touted as India’s Most Desirable Man. He ranks second only to the scion of the political Gandhi family.

As his rescuing angel, Maithili experiences heartbreak and disappointment.

India’s Most Desirable Man is like a movie superstar. He hogs the media limelight without performing any action stunts.
Rajveer Singh, his scarred stepbrother or, Prithvi Singh, his bodyguard, show more hero potential.

Until a chilling twist of fate brings Virata and Maithili together again.

This time she uses her intellect, her middle-class sensibilities and her heart to fight.

But Virata is a shrewd, manipulative man who has more secrets up his sleeve than a magician.

Now, their worlds are about to collide for the third time. This kidnapping might just even the score.

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Maithili, a true 5 star.

Ruby Mohan is on top of her game. The Kidnapping as advertised will take you on the ride of your life. Having read, The Brat and Saint Abby I had difficulty in determining whether Brat or Abby was my favorite character, and along came, The Kidnapping. What a story, set in India, get ready for the ride, you will fall in love with, Maithili; sweet, sassy, and oh, so very charming.

Johnny Wagnon

Highly Recommend

This book was amazing. I liked the suspense throughout the whole book. There never was a dull moment. Between mystery and humor, I guarantee you won't put this book down.

Kindle Customer

Great summer read!

USP of this book is the way the author introduces a chapter. It’s echoes are found as you read. Very well crafted messages and great delivery.


The book paces well, no typos editing is good.

The authors witty observations about how India is an emotional country make the book a laugh riot.

Deepak Datta

Five Stars

Loved it. I just couldn't put it down.....