Unsettled: Anthology Of Poems

“On days I drench myself in humor;
The wine dripping from fingertips-
Is ink such as you have never tasted?”
In her first collection of poems, Ruby Mohan’s command of language and craft displays.
Here are witty, hopeful poems of quick intellect and a compassionate heart that will resonate in yours.

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Nice book of poems on a gamut of emotions

Unsettled by Ruby Mohan is a different, slightly offbeat, collection of poems. From soul-stirring poems to subtle natural flow of prose, the book offers a gamut of emotions through short 47 items of literature. The cover page is captivating, leaving a sense of wanderlust for readers. In its all essence, Unsettled meant unpredictable patterns of life and its unfathomed vagaries that take us for a roller-coaster ride from time and again. The collection is easy to read but difficult to discern. The poetess talked about love and imagined reunion of lovers in different states and moods. It is clear love is an evident theme in the book and it can be gauged that the poetess missed someone at one point of life. Ruby Mohan pours her heart out. Her poems are coherent but paint the picture as what churns inside a mind and heart. The collection is full of lovely and meaningful poems, it just a matter of time how readers can connect and relate with them. Easy to read, the book is so short that it can be read in one go.

Kevin Mallik

"Unsettled: Anthology of poems by Ruby Mohan is a beautiful collection of human emotions

The book "Unsettled: Anthology of poems" takes the reader to a beautiful world of words & phrases which are nested with all kinds of human emotions.

Shivali Vaid

Emotional collection of poems

This is an anthology of poems by Ruby Mohan. Though this is a short read, each and every poem is so emotional that would make you retrospect. This is a collection of 47 poems. Though I have liked almost all the poems, I would like to highlight a few with some of my observations. Paper Balls - This is one of the long poems in this book. Determination - a different poem altogether. This also shows the quirky side of the author. K - you read it right. That's the title of the poem. Though the title is short, the message it conveys penetrates deep inside your heart. Fey - this poem left me speechless. I noticed the sheer brilliance of the author in the content. I pay attention - another poem that caught my attention 🙂 Reflection - a short yet powerful poem. There is also a duality in this. Wanted to find out more? Do go ahead and click the Amazon link which I had given at the bottom to place an order. Overall, this is a real good read. If you love poems, this is the book for you. I felt that each and every poem is infused with emotions that appeals nonchalantly but yes, they have a side of pain, happiness and other emotions, this life has to offer....

MJF LN Sarath Babu