Wooing Jack’s Sister


In high school Magnus Fleming, Jack Humphreys and Megan Drew were ‘The Inseparables’ till motivated by vengeance Grant Morgan created a rift between them.
Magnus was also Victoria Humphreys puppy love. Possibly Magnus might have carried a torch for Victoria but he drew the line at messing with best friend Jack’s sister.
However that was then and this is now:
Thaddeus Fleming, Magnus’s father suffers a massive heart attack. Before paramedics rush him to the hospital he presses a crumpled letter in Victoria’s hand.
Frustratingly for Magnus, Victoria is not selling him the rights to her new book nor is she forthcoming about the contents of that mystery letter. But suddenly she is interested in purchasing the Old Comedy, long a bone of contention, between the Fleming and Morgan families?
Is Victoria a player or a pawn in his game of rivalry with Grant or is she foolishly risking her neck for his?
Also what is Magnus to do about the chemistry sizzling between them now that he is seeing her clearly, messily be her own person rather than stay neatly slotted as Jack’s sister.

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