Did you know Author Ruby Mohan dabbles in oils? Here’s a showcase of the author’s personal art portfolio. In the Author/Poet’s world quirky, unexpected things happen. So you can see a goose walking down a main-street. The author feels this world is given to us to care for, nurture and pass on in its pristine beauty to generations that follow. She is an ardent lover of nature. These glimpses are from paintings she loves, has copied or blended to appeal to her creative soul. Art should not be just imitating what you see. A tree hit by wind, thunder and lightning may begin to resemble a craggy person. You have to be very penetrating to depict it. She loves to study masters who give insights into their art. Some influences she would like to credit are Bob Ross, Thomas Kinkade, Andrew Tischler, Joni Young. Ruby Paints for her to explore new techniques, use some artistic treatment to create an entirely novel visual effect and express the multicolored, boundless universe. We hope these paintings give you the joy Ruby experienced in creating them.